Metal Roofing Installation

Metal Roof Installation Experts

Penn State Metal Roofing has been serving clients in Chester and Montgomery counties with our roof replacement and installation services for many years. Choosing a qualified and experienced metal roofer is important; installing metal roofing is not the same as installing other kinds of roofs. That is why we are proud to be fully licensed and bonded. We work with both residential and commercial property owners.

Roof Installation

Our crews have over a decade of experience installing metal roofs in Pennsylvania. It’s important that metal roofs are properly installed to prevent leaks and ensure that they will last as long as they are supposed to. A strong and sturdy roof deck is the first step. Then the proper underlayment is chosen and installed. Finally, the metal roof panels are secured onto your roof by screws. These screws need to be tightened enough to prevent leaks but not so tight that it damages the rubber washer. Our crews have the tools, experience, and knowledge to properly install your metal roof with expertise.

Roof Replacement

If your current roof is no longer doing its job, we can replace it with a brand-new metal roof. Our efficient and knowledgeable contractors are ready to get you a new roof that is free of leaks and looks great. We offer roof tear-offs and replacements so you can be sure your new roof is installed onto a strong roof deck. With our years of experience, we inspect your current roof deck for rotted areas or signs of weakness. Once we are sure the foundation is strong, we install a brand new roof to be proud of.

Options and Choices

There are a lot of options when it comes to metal roofing. The basic corrugated metal roof sheets are a cost-effective choice. Standing seam metal roofs are a popular long-lasting option that requires installation by a professional crew. There are also metal roofs that look like asphalt shingles, slate, and tile roofs. Whatever design and finish you want, we have it! With our variety of color and style options you will be able to enjoy a beautiful roof that will keep your building dry and safe for years.

We also have roof coatings and metal roof paint to touch up your existing roof. A fresh coating will protect your roof from rust and leaks, and make it look brand new. We install and maintain roofs for homes and businesses throughout Pennsylvania.

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Whether you have a new construction project, need your roof replaced, or have a roof leak you need repaired, we can help! We offer free estimates for all of our metal roofing services. There is never any obligation or pressure to go with us. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your upcoming project. If you have questions about metal versus asphalt shingles, or just want a cost estimate on your upcoming project reach out to us and let us know how we can help.

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Why Choose Metal for Your New Roof

Weather Resistant

Severe weather – be it hail, high winds, or wildfires – are no match for a strong and sturdy metal roof. Certain grades survive impacts from hail better than many other types of roofs. Metal roofs also outperform shingle roofs for wind resistance and fire-resistance. For this reason, sometimes insurers will even reduce premiums for metal-roofed buildings.


Metal roofs are more eco-friendly than asphalt roofs. They are 100% recyclable, long-lasting for less overall waste, and also reflect sunlight helping keep cooling costs low. If you are interested in installing solar panels, no worries! Rooftop solar arrays can be installed over metal roofs as well. All in all metal is both an economical and planet-friendly choice.


One of the most influential reasons to choose metal roofs is because of how durable they are. They outlast many other roofs, and allow owners to have peace of mind about their choice. A metal roof is designed to last the life of your home, so you get a return on the investment you put in. It will also look great, and require minimal maintenance.

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